Baccalá bar

Baccalá Bar Hauganes is a fish Restaurant in our small village of Hauganes, where you can enjoy the delicious catch of the day, fresh fish from the Arctic Atlantic ocean cooked by skilled chefs who respect the ingredient and know how to make the best dish for you. You can also get a great fish & chips, drinks, ice cream and snacks.

Baccalá bar is run by our neighbours at Ektafiskur

Baccalá bar is run by Ektafiskur, the renowned fish producer in Iceland most famous for its traditional bacalao (salted codfish). They are our closest neighbor and have been running non-stop since 1940. They also offer a tour around their facilities where you can learn about their history, which is entwined with the history of fish production in Iceland, and taste their produce which is renowned in Iceland and sold in restaurants in Italy and Spain. Tasting raw fermented shark will give you access to the world famous “Rotten Shark Club of Hauganes”.  🙂

This is an interesting addition to the recreation in our little village.

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Baccalá Bar Hauganesi