We’ve had such a lovely summer with the fjord being full of whales here close to Hauganes. We’ve been seeing humpback whales in all our tours and also minke whales, harbour porpoises and even bottlenose whales. The fjord is also a home to rich birdlife where we see fulmars flying over our heads in all our tours and also the ever beautiful puffins – who are nesting here at the northern most part of the fjord.
When it comes to whale watching, North Iceland is definitely the place to be.

Just 25 minutes north from Akureyri, Hauganes is a village full of life and activities. You will find a really cosy restaurant here, Baccalá Bar, a beautiful campsite and of course the extremely popular hot tubs down by the Sandvikurfjara black beach. What’s not to love about Haugens? 🙂

A bottlenose whale


Baccalá Bar Restaurant


Sandvik Hot Tubs


Camping Hauganes