Now when it’s barely two months until the start of the 2019 whale watching season we are preparing our oak boats for a new and exciting season full of new adventures.

We are still seeing humpback whales in the private tours we are taking our guests on these days, which is rather remarkable considering the fact that a few years ago all the humpbacks left the fjord and south to the Caribbean Ocean before the end of November. Now as the seas are getting a little warmer every year and the whale populations going up we see the whales prolong their stay here even longer every year and we believe that within the next few years we will see the humpbacks here all year around. That means that the seas are healthy here north of Iceland as they rely heavily on great numbers of fish to feed on (each humpback can devour up to 1,5 tons per day).

If you are staying in Akureyri, the capitol of North Iceland, Dalvik, Siglufjörður or even Húsavik you are always within one and a half hour driving the most to Hauganes, so your tour with us will fit perfectly for your scheduled stay here in North Iceland.

For more information on our tours please check out the information about both our tours, Whale Watching & Sea Angling and 100% Whale Watching. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at +354 867 0000 or drop us an email to and we answer all your questions and even recommend more things to see here in the region.

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Humpback whales feeding close to Hauganes, North Iceland

Our beautiful humpback whales are always close to Hauganes. Wether you are staying in Akureyri, Dalvik, Siglufjordur or even Husavik, Whale Watching Hauganes is always within a maximum of one and a half our drive away.


Humpback whales feeding close to Hauganes, North Iceland

We try to keep our distance from the humpback whales on our oak boat but at the same time close enough so that we can almost touch the whales.